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Depth of Field Calculator

When the subject distance is much less than the hyperfocal distance and the magnification is small (i.e. not macro), an approximation to depth of field is given by:

depth of field
depth of field

Where N is f/number, c is acceptable circle of confusion, s is distance to subject and f is focal length. The acceptable circle of confusion is proportional to the size of the image sensor. So the depth of field increases with f/number, sensor size and distance to the subject - and decreases with focal length.

For details of the mathematics, see: Depth of field derivation

Depth of Field:

This calculator uses more detailed formulae than the simplified expression above. Nevertheless, it is intended purely for illustration and the results must not be used for commercial or important work.

Camera / sensor: Full Frame APS-C Four Thirds
Focal length (mm):
Distance to subject (m):
Focus (m)
Total depth of field (m):
Hyperfocal distance (m)

The graphic below illustrates the size of the depth of field in relation to the distance to the subject.

The more discussion of depth of field see: Depth of field